Pumpkin fun !

This was the highlight of the week ! Turn-taking scooping pumpkin pulp, seeds and fibrous strands or rather known as pumpkin brains ! Lovely concentration, hand-eye co-ordination, motor control and independence.

Then we discussed each ingredient needed to make Pumpkin Soup for our Cookery lesson. The children got to smell fresh sage and parsley grown in their herb garden which they planted themselves.

The soup is simmering away and filling our classroom with a very unusual aroma....we were waiting for the children to smell it and what do you think one child said ...."what's this smell? It smells like carrot!" (not too far off as carrot was one of the ingredients!)

Time to mash it all up gently. Every child was keen to have a good go at this !

and ta-da! Tasting time ! What an opportunity to give such an adventurous recipe a go. We all know that children of this age are not very keen to taste any form of veggie soups. However, many said 'delicious!'...hurrah !!

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