Lockdown artwork for the Care Home

Our caring children have been busy with beautiful artwork to send to the residents of Capel Grange Care Home who we usually visit fortnightly but sadly this has not been possible due to lockdown. They will be delighted to receive these! Well done children!

Naya working on her concentration during lockdown

This has to be watched till the end! Such beautiful concentration and focus. When the environment is right, the play becomes purposeful and the children become really engaged. Love the way she calls me Mrs Kookoo :))

Technology with screenless coding!

This is a wonderful, Montessori inspired, piece of equipment. The children help a friendly, wooden robot find his way home using hands-on blocks to write their first programs. They are so lucky to have this in their classroom!

Montessori colour scavenger hunt

An easy activity for staying at home. Pick a colour - like green - and get your little ones to look for green things everywhere; inside and outside. Your child can add all the objects to a basket for collection. Try different colours on different days.

Ellis, the Gruffalo and Brown Mouse

Ellis is feeling very proud of his collage which he made into the deep, dark woods of the Gruffalo. He then cut out the Gruffalo and Brown Mouse out of cardboard to act out the story. Lovely work Ellis and such a gorgeous smile!

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