Meet Mera, our therapy dog

Mera is our therapy dog and her visits are having a positive impact on the children's well-being. They love to tickle her tummy! The children are learning how to care for animals as well as how to behave appropriately with other people's dogs; always to ask before stroking them and how to feed them treats. Some of the older children will soon be taking her out for a walk with the teachers.

Our reading and quiet area

Our reading and quiet area; we also use this area to read books several times over the course of each day. Reading stories from a very early age is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination and develop their speech. It is also a crucial time for language rich discussions. We give a lot of importance in the area of communication and language and we are proud to be a setting that focuses on stimulating children's minds and understanding of the world.

Salt dough

Making salt dough shapes baked in the oven and then painting them. There is something special about children making things themselves, even for the very little ones. The Montessori approach encourages this using natural elements that are simple and leave space for children's creativity.

Cheese scones

This week we made cheese scones. Everyone had great fun measuring, pouring, mixing, drumming on the metal pots and developing fine motor skills using the cutters. Great fun was had, the class was covered in flour, as were the children and staff! We all sat down together for a snack; warm cheese scones with butter, delicious! Happy February days!

Capel Grange care home visits

Our fortnightly visits to Capel Grange Care Home. It is simply pure joy watching the children and the residents enjoying each other's company. Lots of fun, giggles and sharing precious time with the old and new generations.

Combining the Montessori sensorial equipment

We welcome the lovely Nina Evans to our amazing team of Montessorians. She presented the Montessori sensorial equipment combining the broad stairs and the red rods which requires precision and concentration skills. The children finished off using the red rods to make a maze independently and walk carefully in between the rods. Very nice work children!

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