Happy Anniversary Trillium Montessori !

We celebrated with a Pirates and Princesses dress up day to celebrate this special day. The children had a lovely sharing lunch together with all the staff followed by games and song. Hurrah to one year with many more to follow!

Last day of term-time & Easter nests

Seems odd when Easter is actually 2 weeks to go still! We will return the day after Easter Monday on Tuesday 24rd April. The holiday club is open for those who wish to use it. Enjoy eating the delicious Easter nests the children made. Happy Easter everyone !

New balancing equipment

This build and balance set is perfect for balance, postural control and symmetry which help children develop the basic skills for any future physical activity. In practicing gross and fine motor skills, children not only gain intellectually, but also grow in strength, develop new skills and enjoy increased confidence levels in the face of new challenges. They can build this set according to ability and challenge themselves when they are ready by arranging the planks at different heights and directions. Lots of fun and concentration combo here !

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