Christmas Celebrations

The children sang all their songs so beautifully waving their own made stars. It was a great success and some of the children were offering their freshly made mince-pies from their cookery lesson to their audience afterwards ! Thank you to all our lovely teachers who worked so hard with endless bags of patience. We also celebrated dancing with the children at their Christmas party. Lots of fun and laughter all round ! Merry Christmas everyone !

Cleaning and technology in the Montessori environment

Parents/carers get those hoovers and mops ready ! These children are so capable and did a brilliant job! Carpet was looking immaculate as every child wanted a turn. When did cleaning become so enjoyable ??? Cleaning the environment is not a chore but a sense of achievement. "I can do it...I did it!"


Last couple of weeks we focussed on the topic of Space ! This exercise gave them a really good concept of the order of the planets The children came up with this idea, creating their own space shuttle with chairs and we just went with it during our Music session based on Space. Independence and critical thinking..wonderful life skills !

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