Famous people who attended Montessori schools.

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Nobel Prize winner for Literature. -Anne Frank - renowned World War II diarist. -Dakota Fanning - actor - attended a Montessori school in Georgia. - Jeff Bezos – founder of Amazon.com -Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis – former first lady (John F. Kennedy) -Larry Page and Sergey Brin – founders of Google. And Prince George started nursery school at the Westacre Montessori in 2016.

We want your help!

It is important we know how much interest there is for our Montessori Preschool Nursery, so we tweeted the following: If you can retweet or repost in Facebook we'd be very grateful! The more we know the better we are prepared! Thank you very much for your help.

Montessori has a global appeal.

With visitors to our website as far and wide as Kenya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic and beyond, Montessori does seem to have a global appeal. Although, obviously we want YOUR precious little one to feel at home in our school in Paddock Wood, it does goes to show the Montessori approach transcends nationality and location. As we are a local preschool and nursery in many ways, talk to us and we will explain the differences with a "traditional" education route in the UK. Even better: if you are in the Paddock Wood area, sign up for one of our Open days. We don't have a waiting list just yet, but our Open days are proving popular! Let us know if you are interested. The more we kno

Local nursery opens in Paddock Wood

In April, a newly established Montessori Nursery School will open in Paddock Wood, finally opening more opportunities for local children and the catchment area. Date TBA.

We are added to the Royal Mail index under our OWN name with our OWN Postcode!

Please note our new address: as Royal Mail has updated their database we now have a NEW postcode TN12 6AH. the full address is now: Trillium Montessori House, St Justus Church Hall, Mount Pleasant. Paddock Wood TN12 6AH. When using your route planner for our OPEN HOUSE DAY events on the 3rd and 10th of March, both Postcodes should be working. Please let us know if in need of more information.

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